1 year, 315 days, 3 hours, 59 minutes, and 43…44…45 seconds ago (and counting) I joined Burn Boot Camp (BBC for short) in Concord, NC. For the past (almost) 2 years I have struggled not so much with the workouts, although they do kick my ass on a regular basis, but with the healthy eating that is supposed to come with the healthy workouts and BBC lifestyle. From the moment I joined I was told, “you can’t out train your diet Leanne”, and from the moment I joined I have done everything in my power to prove them wrong. It hasn’t worked and so began my quest to find healthy, fun, edible, and exciting foods that I can eat, enjoy, and not feel guilty about consuming. The journey is on going, but after some prodding, I’m inviting you along for the ride. Welcome.